A thriving Christ-centred learning community

At Darling Downs Adventist College, we are a proud to offer a quality academic program in a supportive environment that allows students to achieve their goals. Our students also engage in a broad range of experiences and service opportunities to develop character and prepare them to be caring and contributing members of their community.

The Heart of DDAC

We love and respect God

We strive to reflect God in all we do. We use His name respectfully and share Him with others.

We are welcoming

We are friendly and helpful, and we greet others politely.

We dream big and focus on our goals

We aim for success by doing our best, seeking help when needed, learning responsibly, and celebrating our progress.

We care enough to act

We serve others cheerfully and we work towards justice. We commit to being part of the solution.

We choose kindness

We encourage and thank others. We lift others up and see diversity as a strength.

We act with integrity

We try to do the right thing even when it is hard. We are truthful and honest. We stand up for what is right.

We take pride in belonging to our College Community

We wear our uniform with pride, take care of our campus, contribute positively and speak well about our college. We take care of our team.


We would love to show you our amazing campus and discuss how we can help your child achieve their goals. Please contact us by using the buttons below.