Christian Culture

KiTE (Kindness in Thanking Everyone) 

Our focus for this initiative is to help students focus less on themselves and further develop a sense of gratitude towards the people in their community. Every week in class worship we have a writing session. DDAC provides special postcards for our students to write a card of thanks to either another student, a staff member, family members or someone important to them in their community. As a part of KiTE, each year level will be given the opportunity to thank a person at chapel via a video. The video will be "Spreading Kindness Through Thanks". There is a memory verse that is associated with our KiTE - Ephesians 4:32: "And be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving one another even as God in Christ forgave you.


Values – Active Kindness, Cheerful Effort, Humble Service 

2024 sees a special initiative focusing, not only on our new name, but also our values. These values will be intentionally embedded throughout our curriculum and campus activities. Weekly assemblies will have a focus on these values and students demonstrating them will be affirmed regularly throughout the year along with acknowledgement at Presentation Evening. 



Chapel is an integral part of who we are at DDAC.  It is a time where our Chaplain and guest speakers share the word of Jesus with our students and staff.  In the primary, Chapel is held every Friday afternoon. 


WOW and RAW 

Our annual Week of Worship and Real Authentic Worship weeks see students and staff come together each morning to be challenged and encouraged to live their lives for Christ. Junior primary students can then choose to participate in small group Bible studies with pastoral volunteers. This is a time for students to connect, question, study and discuss the Word of God in a way that meets individual needs and spiritual growth.   



Our holistic religious education curriculum, Encounter, is taught daily in each classroom. The Encounter curriculum is designed to help students share what they learn about Jesus with others by developing their own personal relationship with God and serving others through the overflow of this relationship.