At Darling Downs Adventist College, we take a holistic approach to building supportive communities for every child through social-emotional learning. SEL fosters not only emotional intelligence but also a deep understanding of God’s love, self-awareness and interpersonal skills grounded in Christian principles, laying the foundation for well-rounded and resilient individuals. 



Becoming a “peacemaker’ is not necessarily a natural thing to do.  At DDAC all secondary students in year 7-10 will participate in a program, that is founded in the teachings of Jesus, called PeaceWiseYouth. It is a Christian program for high school students that equips young people to deal with challenging relationships and conflict in healthy, constructive and life-changing ways.  The program helps empower young people to take more responsibility for their own relationships, build resilience and gain life-skills that can use throughout their lives. 



During year 7, students are involved in the Relationships program for 6 months. Throughout this time, students engage with a program called Wellio. Wellio seeks to educate students on how to proactively manage their mental health. Students are introduced to simple strategies to help them manage anxiety, build healthy relationships and become more resilient. The course has a discussion basis where students partake in the group dynamic of sharing which helps students to feel that they are not alone in what they are experiencing. Alongside this, students are equipped with practical strategies to proactively manage their approach to life.