Student Leadership

In partnership with Designed Alliance, we invest time into our Year 11 students to actively ensure they are ready for their leadership roles in their final year of schooling. All Year 11 students participate in a two-day program in their final week of school to ensure they have skills and the confidence to lead DDAC as individuals and as a cohort into their senior year.  

Further support is continually given to the elected leaders, such as School Captains, ADRA Ambassador and House Captains throughout the year with regular meetings with the Secondary Coordinator to ensure their visions and plans for their school come into fruition. Our Student Chaplains also regularly meet with our Chaplain as they pave their way forward making a difference in the spiritual lives of our students. We also have a specific SRC (Student Representative Council) mentor for our elected Homeroom members who ensures the SRCs contribution to the school will have significant impact for not only DDAC, but our community as a whole with their regular donations. 

House Captains are more than a Sports leader. They are charged to have a cultural impact on who their House team is and how they play and service within our school community.