Each year, students participate in a ‘learn-to-swim’ program. Swimming not only provides water safety skills and physical fitness but also equips individuals with confidence and valuable life skills. 


P-2 sport activities focus on motor skill development, coordination, muscle strength and flexibility and cognitive development. Through both individual skill development and group sport activities, students learn to interact, cooperate and communicate together in a fun and enjoyable environment. 


Year 3-6 sport activities prepare students for active participation in ASA Gala Days.  These Gala days focus on the sports of Futsal, Touch Football and Basketball.  DDAC supports this sport focus by way of integrating the skill development required in a programmed sport time, allowing students to gain confidence, build team culture and develop enthusiasm for these sports.  Our sport program is an annual cycle allowing for each year level to have specific focus on each of the three sports listed above along with the ‘learn-to-swim’ program. 


Physical Education classes are taught by a specialist PE teacher with a focus on the fundamentals of physical fitness and developing correct techniques in individual and team sporting events. Additionally, an emphasis is placed on the importance of exercise and a healthy lifestyle. 


Students at DDAC are allocated to one of our three sport houses - Neibuhr, Caldwell or Barnett.  Building a strong house culture is important to us as a school.  Opportunities will be provided throughout the year for students and families to be a part of their Sports House through events such as our swimming carnival, cross country event and athletics carnival.  House picnic lunches will also be run throughout the year to provide opportunity for each house to bond.