At Darling Downs Adventist College, we believe that music is a universal language that empowers students to explore their creativity and express themselves in unique ways. 


Primary students participate in weekly Music lessons with our dedicated music teachers, where they learn appreciation for the art of sound as well as essential skills in rhythm, harmony and self-expression.  


Our Year 3 Violin Program offers an exciting opportunity for students to receive comprehensive skill development that integrates with our literacy program. Students are supplied a violin, and our experienced violin instructor provides guidance in a small group, weekly lesson, promoting your child’s success.  On campus, private tuition is available for those wishing to continue developing their violin skills beyond the program. 


Our Choir program is designed to nurture a love for singing, build connections and confidence, and foster a sense of unity and harmony amongst our primary students. Throughout the year, choir members have the chance to showcase their talents in school events and community gatherings. The choir program is open to all students in Years 3-6.